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John Dopping - Words in Colour

John Dopping has been carving his career carefully and methodically since his first outing on Digital Society Recordings in 2010, when Activa, the founder of Borderline Music, remixed his debut single 'The Mind.'

From that point John has worked closely with Activa and Borderline Music, drawing together plans for an artist album that gave John the freedom and flexibility to create something that is as breathtakingly intricate as it is expertly crafted for the the dance floor.

The result is Words In Colour, a body of work that showcases not only John's melodic intelligence, but also his standards of production quality.

In 2013 the first single, 'Aryl' was released, and early 2014 saw the emergence of the 'Words In Colour' EP, which included 'Basically.' All of the tracks gained support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold on his Planet Perfecto and Full On Fluoro radio shows, and Yahel with the release of 'Full On Fluoro Vol. 2'.


  1. The Fire Behind
  2. Chayote ft. Activa
  3. An Opportunity
  4. Basically
  5. Say Hello To Dave
  6. Where Do I Begin
  7. Kayafly
  8. Aryl
  9. Glade ft. Davey Asprey
  10. Introspection ft. Magnus
  11. Dissociate
  12. Words In Colour
  13. Malady

The album is a sublime journey of melodic electronic music, from the breakbeat hybrid 'The Fire Behind,' through to melodic forces like 'Basically' and 'Where Do I Begin,' the serene ambience of 'Kayafly' and the acid fuelled 'Introspection'.

In an industry where often 'simple and loud' serve to overbear quality and subtlety, John Dopping provides a welcome alternative; the chance to sit back and think.

Let your mind wander and your senses fill.

This is Words In Colour.

Words In Colour EP out now

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